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Rustic elegance

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Retail Hours- Wednesday, Thursday,

Friday, Saturday, Sunday:

7am- 2pm (OR SOLD OUT)

3101 Main Ave, Unit 2 Durango, CO

Seasons change, and so do our baked goods. Here is a sample of our offerings

Special dietary needs? Just ask and we will let you know what we have!

Traditional Croissant

Tartine (open faced croissant)-Sausage Egg, Tomato Chile, AND Strawberry Rhubarb

Croque Madame Croissant

Chocolate Snail

Breton Roll- "a caramelized croissant"

Spinach Kolache

Sausage Kolache- "pig in a blanket"

Mushroom Asiago Scuffin

Asparagus Pot Pie

Opera Cake

Triple Threat Cake- banana, peanut butter, ganache

Bienenstich-Brioche topped with honey almonds and filled with pastry cream

River Bottom Bar

Chocolate Dipped Eclair

Praline Eclair



We will be suspending our bread program until further notice. You can get our Olive Oil Loaf at James Ranch Market on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday



Why ingredients and technique matter

A great tasting product is our goal, which is why we start with quality ingredients. Fresh ingredients just taste better, and we take pride in buying as many locally produced products as we can when they are available. This means seasonal fruits and vegetables in our ever rotating and diverse menu. 

Quality and consistency go hand in hand at La Bonne Patisserie. We don't need to make every product you normally see in a bakery, but we strive to make the best of what we do create.  Our technique improves every time we make a product, especially when it matters the most, like laminating croissants or pate a choux dough for eclairs. This is why we focus on a few products, and pair them with original fillings and toppings. 


Producers and neighbors

La Bonne Patisserie is dedicated to keeping the economy flowing in Southwest Colorado and the Intermountain West region. 

We choose family and employee owned businesses first.  As a small business, we understand that our community is what keeps our doors open. Buying products from sources closer to Durango cuts down on transportation time, keeps the economy flowing in our region, and it just makes us feel good that we know the actual people who produce the food we use in our products. 

Vegetable Picking

An edible art


We are in awe of the baker who can produce the perfectly thin honeycomb layering of the humble croissant, or a completely hollow eclair shell. It can take countless hours of trial and error to refine the skills required to create edible art such as this,  and we are up for the challenge.

Every day we bake, we are challenging ourselves to hone our skills a little more than the day before. To conjure up a product that is not only stunning to look at, but exceptional to devour!

Please enjoy the time and craft it took our bakers and local producers to help create this tasty edible art.

~La Bonne Patisserie Staff

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